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Is There A Village Without Roads?


[Yes, there is and it is so dreamy that you have the impression that it came from a fairy tale!]

It is called Giethoorn and it is located in the Netherlands. It has been declared “Green Venice”, because the only way to move around the village is via its canals. Giethoorn is a village without roads and, therefore, whatever that means: cars, pollution, traffic noise. It is said that children learn to drive a “whisper boat” (with noiseless engine) even before they learn to walk (!) while everything around is so quiet that the only sound you hear is the countless ducks that live at the village. It was built in 1230, it counts 2600 inhabitants, more than 178 bridges, while the winter is indicated for – what else – ice skating!

If you wonder why Giethoorn has no roads at all, it is because a large part of it is built one meter below the water surface, so this would be practically impossible!