20 Things You Still Don’t Know About “Sex and the City”

On Location for "Sex and the City: The Movie" - September 21, 2007

[A series we still talk about, eighteen years later]

To still be interested in it, after so much time, it means that it is one of the most popular TV series of the American television, which changed not only the way we see “women’s shows”, but mainly the way women see sex at the end of the 20th century. That’s why it is not surprising the fact that we are still interested in any trivia concerning the series. Here are 20 of them that not even the most fanatical are aware of!

1. In order to become a TV series, Candace Bushnell sold the rights of her book for $ 60,000.

2. Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to be brunette in the show. But one day before shooting, the producers changed their minds and made her blonde.

3. None of them are wearing the same outfit twice, except for Carrie, who is wearing a coat from the first season during the last episode.

4. The address of Carrie – East 73rd street – does not really exist. Neither does Samantha’s 300 Gansevoort Street, Charlotte’s 700 Park Avenue, nor Miranda’s 331 West 78th Street.

5. Big was inspired by the publisher Ron Galotti, whom the writer met at a party in 1995 and dated for a year. Although she turned him into a businessman for her book, his character is supposed to be the same!

6. The shop, from which Carrie and Miranda buy the cupcakes, became so popular after the series, that they had to hire a bouncer!

7. In 2001, Sarah Jessica Parker became executive producer, which means she was earning 3 million dollars per show!

8. The last episode, “An American Girl in Paris – Part Deux” was ready just 4 days before it was aired.

9. In the second movie (that followed the series), the girls arrive at the Marrakech airport and not in Abu Dhabi, as it is believed in the film.

10. The end of the series was supposed to be the end of “Sex and the City” too – no one knew back then that two films would follow.

11. Sarah Jessica Parker had a clause in her contract not to appear nude in any episode of the series.

12. Kim Cattrall had rejected twice the role of Samantha, before Darren Star’s boyfriend convinced her to change her mind.

13. There is a “continuity error” in the opening credits. The bus is full of people, when Carrie is splashed, whereas it looks empty in another shot.


14. The first dog who portrayed Pete was scared of John Corbett (Aidan) and therefore had to be replaced.

15. An actual lawyer wrote the prenuptial agreement that Bunny made Charlotte sign.

16. It’s the only cable series to win an Emmy for outstanding comedy series in 2001 (and being nominated another 5 times.)

17. The doctor at the scene of Miranda’s birth is a real doctor!

18. The role of Matthew McConaughey in the episode “Escape from New York” was originally written for Alec Baldwin, but he rejected it. Then George Clooney and Warren Beatty were asked to impersonate him, but they both said “no”, so the role finally went to Matthew McConaughey.

19. Kristin Davis had forbidden her grandmother to watch the show, because she believed that she be would be shocked by it

20. Cynthia Nixon – blonde in reality – had to dye her hair red for the series. And she always had to wear clip ons, as she doesn’t have pierced ears.

Source: buzzfeed