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Kyle Bean’s Fruit Is Forbidden and Dangerous


From the Bible, to the Snow White fairy tale. The apple is not used as something good, as an indication of health and life. Instead, lust for it can only cause problems. In cooperation with Aaron Tilley, Kyle Bean presents a series of dangerous fruits for The Gourmand journal. He is nailing sharp objects, such as bars or spiky wheels on an apple, a pear etc. He is covering an orange with flames. He is trying to withhold our wishes, to prove us that craving and feelings, once unctrolled, can harm us. He reminds us that danger can be found, where not expected.

Kyle Bean is reusing everyday objects, which he reinterpretes. This ends in a result of witty “constructions”, which are not only randomly produced, but contrary, they are a result of structured thoughts. Having already presented more commercial projects, Bean has found the way to verge and attract the viewer. He is making familiar images, but altered in a well-measured way. Just as much as to convey his message and complete his goal. Awaken the viewer.

Kyle Bean,

The Gourmand,

Aaron Tilley,