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Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds (+Contest)

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

‘Lucy In The Sky WIth Diamonds’ is a collaborative project between photographer Nikolas Ventourakis and street artist Cacao Rocks producing a series of black & white naked portraits filled with rhombuses and stars for the new OZON issue, which is dedicated to creative teams.

The two of them became a team, almost by ‘accident’, after a random encounter they had in which Cacao was gazing at Nikolas’ photos and proposed to him to experiment on them because he could not stand the fact that they had no colours at all. Cacao’s work is full of crazy colour combinations while Nikolas really loves only black. The two of them made a bet; create a black piece of art ‘polluted’ with colourful patterns. The eroticism in Nikolas’ photos collides and merges with Cacao’s boyishness who painted over the images with spray paint, just like he does with his tags all over the city ‘destroying’ our walls.

OZON is giving away an original framed copy (edition of 1) of the series. To enter the contest simply fill out the form below with your name and e-mail. The winners will be announce on Tuesday November 9 during 4FASHIONSHAKE II.