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Minke’s Colored Paper Cards Turn Into Minimalistic Movie Posters thanks to Atipo


fahrenheit 451

The Fahreneit 451 poster is on fire. But, what if the burning paper was the well-known movie’s poster?

Atipo is a graphic design company. Minke is a paper company. When the former took over the advertising of the latter, the result was a series of 15 minimalistic poster movies.

The designers that worked on the project, are working on paper of multiple weights, colour and texture. They rip them off, sew them, burn them. Αnd then the posters are ready. We show you some of them -the video of their creation as well- and it’s up to you to find the correct answers.




guess whose coming to dinner


the curious case of benjamin button’

1. Alien

2. Dracula

3. Frankenstein

4. Guess Who’ s Coming to Dinner

5. Jaws

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

You can find the rest of the posters here.