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Nadine Boughton Inspired from Vintage Magazines To Create Collages!


Nadine Boughton is a photographer and a collage artist. With a degree in American Literature from Lesley University of Cambridge she went on to a Masters degree from George Washington University in Art. She came up with the idea to create collages one day by chance. While looking through vintage treasures in a flea market, she found vintage magazines for men. She thought the pictures were really interesting, so she decided to use them and create a new surrealistic world. We can see the result in the pictures below! Nadine has also exhibited her photos in many galleries and she is a University lecturer.

Ria Maidoni

Nadine-Boughton_web5 Nadine-Boughton_web9 W-Jell-O-People Nadine-Boughton_web10 W-TV-Dinner - Αντίγραφο Nadine-Boughton_web12