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Nature Meets The Human Art


The Landmark Trust is a British organisation, founded in 1965 that rescues buildings of historic interest in Great Britain. Every year, they organise an one-week event for saving money for the handworks.

To mark the Landmark Trust’s 50th anniversary, the renowned artist Antony Gormley has installed a series of five life-sized, iron sculptures cast in the shape of abstract human figures around the British Isles.

The titled series of scluptures ”LAND” explores the relationship between people, places, and time into the artist’s eye. “LAND invites us to think about our identity and the mindset of a nation surrounded by water, and how that affects the way we make our choices. Water both divides from and connects us to the rest of the world. Water isolates us and makes us self-reliant, but with the invitation of the horizon offers the chance to overcome our limitations and engage with the future” says Antony Gormley.

All five of the installations are fully accessible and free for the general public to enjoy until May 2016.