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POBA: Where The Arts Live


POBA is introducing itself as “a visual cultural arts center”, that celebrates timeless and constant power of creativity of artists. The fact that these artists have passed away and live through their art, is what makes the whole initiative different.

The platform offers to its members the opportunity to handle their beloved ones’ loss, by presenting their artworks. They hope that they will be a new Van Gogh. This hope however, is not for free, but costs $49.95, even though its administrators claim it is a non profit program. POBA hosts 21 artists, who cover quite a vast range of disciplines. From photography and painting, up to painting and performance art, this virtual gallery is the right place so as their work of arts -therefore their thoughts- will be preserved. And who knows what will follow?

POBA is an Hindi word, that describes the transition of conscience upon death. For those who offer the works of their beloved ones, is the way to glory for the latter ones. The platform says really wisely -it could be a dark humor joke as well- “where the arts live”. Orelse, where “after death” recognition gains a new dimension. It’s not a joke any more, but a hope.*photo: “Freemont Casino”, George Tate, 1959.

*“Freemont Casino”, George Tate, 1959.