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Pregnancy Book Changes in Size with the Expectant Mother


The first ever pregnancy book, that grows physically in size inside the pages just like the soon-to-be mother. The beautifully designed publication is intended to promote Kishoka, an obstetrics medical service network in Japan, and it takes expectant mothers through the 40 weeks of their pregnancy. Earlier this year, it won the Grand Prix in the Health and Wellness category at the Cannes Health Lions.

Mother Book is a diary for the expecting mothers, in which -as in every other pregnancy diary- the mother writes down every counting day, until labor. The interesting thing in this book is that, as weeks go by, it changes in size just like the soon-to-be mother. The beginning of every volume features small, concentric circle designs and as you flip forward, they stack on top of each other until they form a baby bump. By the last several weeks, you see a whole belly emerge from the previous pages in the book. It’s a subtle and stunning piece that incorporates other minimalist images along the journey. Women are encouraged to write their personal feelings on the pages and to consider it as a gift to their children.

Source: My Modern Met

* Words by Kristel Liakou