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Rankin teams up with Andrew Gallimore, for Epitaph


Death was and still is a great mystery. We are all equal against it, but it is different for each one of us. Others are scared, while others are challenging it. But we all have the same reaction, once it has to do with some beloved one. In order to honor those who have passed away, Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Inspired by this day and its customs, British photographer Rankin and beauty editor Andrew Gallimore team up and create a photo series, called Epitaph. They create masks and calaveras, namely skulls by either sugar or clay, which are both Mexican tradition’s customs.

The black-painted -with the exception of one- models’ faces come in contrast with their eyes, which exhale vividness. They look as if they are celebrating those who were lost, while mourning at the same time.

The subject of death is not unknown for Rankin. After his parents’ death, he is trying to break social taboos and face his fears. His first relative project was for Hunger Magazine, under the title ALIVE:In the face of Death.