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Rare Childhood Photos of Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo is mostly known for her self-portraits. Besides she has claimed “I am the subject I know best”, as a result of her isolation, due to health problems. Most of her paintings show her during her adulthood. Same does the photographical archive, in which her husband, also painter, Diego Rivera accompanies her.

There is not much we know of her childhood though. Or at least we have not seen. Her photos, shot by her father, Guillermo Kahlo, give us a sneak peek of her life, when she would still live with her family in the Blue House –it is named after its cobalt blue walls. Except for her father, her mother Mathilde, her 6 sisters, of whom 2 were half sisters, would also live there. The photos show a calm, family life, during which the Mexican painter would be surrounded by her loved ones.

There are however, elements that predispose the viewer for her evolution, such as the flowers, or the mensuit she is wearing. And apart from these details, Kahlo’s face and striking gaze make her highlight among others.

Source: vintage everyday