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Rota Dentata: Spur Wheels or Wooden Sunglasses?

rota dentata 2

Had not it been for the crisis, Dimitra Chatziandreou would be ow working as an architect, right after her graduation. But she is creating sunglasses from wood. He brand is named Rota Dentata, and it pays tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s spur wheel. As she says herself, “Everyone was seeing two spur wheels, I could see sunglasses.”, when making reference to the moment she saw one manuscript of da Vinci, when she was in search of some inspiration.

Besides inspiration is something that can be found anywhere, at any time, but there is a certain time that the Greek designer feels ready to start designing her beautiful sunglasses. The procedure of designing is quite lonely, but when she gets in touch with the material, it’s when she comes in touch with the rest of the world. It is each design’s first judge. If it can’t respond to the design, then it will never be worn by someone.

rota dentata 3

And wood is quite a hard to work with material. But it is really seducing. And it needs a lot of wisdom, both by the designer and the creator of each pair of sunglasses. There is an harmony between the wearer’s face and the material. And this is one reason Dimitra Chatziandreou loves it so much. But she wants to explore other materials, too. Once she’s done with wood.

For the time being she has no future plans, but she hopes that these big changes in her life, she is in the middle of, will work for the best. We hope so, as well!

You will find Rota Dentata at OZON Boutique.