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Tetrapolis: Street Art invasion in Kea

(artist: WD)
An invitation to Kea, it is always a good call. If it involves street art, graffiti and public art it’s an even better invitation. If it contains excitement and dreams then it transforms into a magical journey. That’s how we came, or rather became part of Tetrapolis Cultural Festival.
(artists: Ser on the left, Cacao Rocks on the right)
Arriving at the port of Kea, Koressia, we see the staring eyes of a lion from afar, a work by the artist WD, on one of the surfaces of the island’s Center of Culture and Environment, the former motel “I Tzia mas” (Our Kea). A little further from there, we find works from Cacao Rocks, Dimitris Taxis, b., Yiakou and Ser covering the walls of the motel and of the adjoining buildings. The gallery Art SA in collaboration with Stigma Lab, ereate a spectacular display in Vourkari village, consisting of artworks by the above mentioned artists and of Ino, Simoni, The Krah, Alexandros Vasmoulakis and Woozy. During the opening night everyone is happy- after all, it is the first time that the island hosts an exhibition based on street art. Many visitors from Athens, artists, art lovers, journalists, critics paid Tetrapolis a visit. After several Jagermeister shots, the next day got a strong head start with dozens of primary school children bombarding the artists with their questions during the scheduled yet spontaneous children’s workshop.
(artist: b.)
Sotiria, the owner of the gallery and driving force of this project hopes that the local authorities, will come to their senses and create the conditions for Tetrapolis to take place again, next year.

Tetrapolis 2013, Kea’s Cultural Festival was held from 20 June to 7 July 2013, as an initiative of Art SA gallery, with the invaluable collaboration of Stigma Lab under the auspices of the Municipality of Kea.

Watch a video from the festival here.