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Thanks to These Trucks, Now Art Goes Anywhere!


Spanish people have the intention to transform 100 of their trucks into mobile galleries. Who said that art can not travel everywhere?

The idea to make art reachable even to the most remote areas of Spain, inspired Jaime Colsa, owner of the distribution company Palibex, who, in cooperation with iam Gallery of Madrid, “decorated” the sides of 10 (so far) trucks with unconventional artwork. The selected painters are also the artistic elite of Spain: Javier Arce, Suso33, Okuda San Miguel, Abraham Lacalle, Marina Vargas, Javier Calleja, Daniel Muñoz etc. The “Truck Art Project”, as it is called, which is still in development, will also give you the opportunity to attend art exhibitions in selected vehicles.

If you thought that the truck’s surface was only advertising space, time to reconsider after seeing these photos.