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The Paintings of 6-year-old Iris Now Published in Book!


The story of Iris is already known: 6-year-old girl suffering from autism with an incredible talent in painting, has already sold her paintings to fanatical collectors around the world, including Angelina Jolie and Asthon Kutcher. Now her mother has decided to publish a book on little Iris, helping this way the parents of children, suffering from autism.

The life of Iris Grace is reminiscent of a Hollywood tearful drama. Little girl who only has a recourse to painting, in order to deal with her autism, begins to show signs of improvement, the moment her family adopts Thula, a maine-coon cat. For the first time Iris starts to open up, to communicate with Thula like never before and to invest all of her “diversity” into painting in such an unprecedented manner, that made her famous worldwide.

The new book published by Penguin is written by her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, and apart from her daughter’s story, is decorated with pictures and paintings of Iris.