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The American Mall that Consists Of Apartments instead Of.. Shops!


How would it sound like, if there were shops to explore.. literally under your feet? This idea was fleshed out by a team of architects, who decided to enrich the oldest mall of America with 48 elegant apartments.

It all started after the recession of the commercial value of Arcade Providence in Rhode Island, the oldest American mall (whose facade is influenced by the classical Greek architecture) due to the boom of the online shopping. With $7.000.000 budget, they maintained 17 of the commercial stores on the ground floor, while on the top floor, they constructed 48 mini-apartments (of 20-41 square meters). These apartments start at $550 a month and they are fully furnished (including a fridge, a microwave and a dishwasher). In addition to this, there is a a bicycle storage room, a garage and even a recreation room inside the mall for the tenants.

The only obstacle? If this idea sounds appealing, you should bear in mind that there is a waiting list of about 4,000 people …