A Day in the Life of Rick Owens

rick owens house

Rick Owens: known as the Prince of Darkness. One would expect that his everyday life would be something like that!

And yet, it is quite a normal life of a working man, who shares it with his colleagues, his wife and his cat. For The Window of the Barney’s, Οwens showed what one day in his life is like, in a short documentary. He is calm, while reading his book, next to a window, looking at Paris, where he moved 14 years ago, making alterations to his clothes, chatting with his team, having dinner with his wife, while an orchestra version of Lou Reed‘s Perfect Day is playing.

His residence -which you can take a look at here– is full of objects and furniture, by Owens himself, while it does not remind any other Parisian house. And the video is so cute, especially when Owens is chatting with his wife/muse and share a smile, proving that only his nickname makes him somehow different from the rest. And as Owens says to The Window “She hates being called a muse […] She is bored being my muse!”

Visit The Window, where you can read the whole conversation, and watch the video!