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Τhe Dyneema® Project: Dyneema Goes Apparel!

dyneema project

Dyneema has been linked to a few of the most iconic moments of our history, even if we are not aware of that. Among them, the upturning the stranded cruise ship Costa Concordia in Italy, placing the crown on the Freedom Tower in NYC, and the tethering of satellites in outer space.

The Dutch company has a new project. It was to get in touch with a new market. The Dyneema® Project is aiming towards sports and lifestyle apparel. The Dyneema® and Dyneema® Flexiblen composites want to make premium brands even stronger, thanks to annother innovation of the company, that has been researching over new fibers, since 1968. It is not just laboratory work. It has to do with the managers, happy accidents, even commercial innovations. Its high-performance ropes/lines, safety gloves and medical applications have made her the first choice for all these hard and exigent circumastances.

Nowadays, Τhe Dyneema® Project wants to create fabrics, more resistant, lighter and smarter, in collaboration with design innovators, with whom they are sharing the same vision.

Find out more in the following video: