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The Evolution of 100 Years of Magazine Covers

the new yorker

This is one of the most interesting posts we have read for quite a few time.Karen X. Cheng and Jerry Gabra are exemining how society has changed based on some of the most popular magazines, through the years. From National Geographic to Cosmopolitan, they have all taken advantage of technology and most things have changed a lot. Starting with the hypersexualization of women. Just watch Nicki Minaj on Cosmopolitan. Or Amy Schumer on GQ -this one’s funny as well. Some have remained true to their beliefs, like The New Yorker or Time.

But most fashion magazines seem to take a turn. Instead of models, there are the Kardashians. Which is not a bad thing. It’s just an observation. And what is for sure good, is the diversion. More minorities are represented, not only ethnical, but also sexual ones.

Watch the evolution and make your own observations here.