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The Future Catwalk by Barnaby Roper for Nowness

capture-d_c3a9cran-2012-10-25-c3a0-14-22-44-640x361 and Barnaby Roper Present Mirte, Future Catwalk, a video, where the viewer can easily become the director. Mirte Maas is starring, in clothes by Rick Owens, Givenchy, Ann Demeulemesteer and Araks, styled by Tony Irvine, and she is walking through 26 different digital environments, sometimes psychedelic, other times dreamy. They are all a result of Roper’s digital editing, who has also worked for nowness in the past. Tristan Bechet’s musical score is based on the Dutch model’s steps’ tempo, and it is a composition following a steady pace, capable of hypnotizing the viewer.

What is really groundbreaking though with the video and points to fashion’s future is the fact that the viewer can choose in which environment the model will be walking each time. Each one corresponds to a keyboard letter. Pushing it during the video, we are transfered to a different location each time.

“I like the playfulness and the air of discovery; I like that the viewer has the choice and that I am not dictating to them how they should view it.Most of all, I like the possibilities of where interactivity could and will go in the future”.

You can watch the interactive video here.