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The Iconic Shoes Of Alexander McQueen To Be Auctioned


Savage Beauty is one of the most successful fashion exhibitions ever. The collection of garments and footwear by Alexander McQueen which are now shown at Victoria & Albert Museum, have excited enough the designer’s fans who didn’t have the opportunity to watch when the show was hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

So far, there were only as exhibits but three of the Armadillo boots will be auctioned. The boots have appeared once in Lady’s Gaga video clip “Bad Romance”.

The well-known fashion critic Sarah Mower described the boots as “weird, like ironclad head of a sea monster”. Meanwhile, these pair of shoes were never designed for commercial purpose, but only 21 pairs of them were used during the Spring/Summer 2010 Alexander McQueen show.

You can watch the Spring/Summer 2010 collection of Alexander McQueen below.