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The Illustrations that will Make you See the World Differently


His illustrations reflect the essence of what is happening in the world around us. A punch in the stomach, full of bitter truths by Paweł Kuczynski who does not hesitate to say things by its name.

The Polish cartoonist Paweł Kuczynski, except for the unique way of illustrating that makes him stand out, he seems to choose his subjects very carefully: the high class society, the poverty, the class inequalities, the isolation to which Facebook can lead are just some of the issues that he puts on the table. He seems to spend a lot of time thinking of the idea behind each illustration, trying to transfer into paper his reflection of the world around us. Judging by the result, Paweł Kuczynski is not just a talented illustrator: he is a narrator, who manages to disturb, through illustration, with the rawness of an endless irony.