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The Former Social Housing Estate of Paris shot by Laurent Kronental


The housing estate of Paris is like anything you’ve ever seen. French photographer, Laurent Kronental, shoots the so-called “Grands Ensembles”, built to house refugees and immigrants after the Second World War.

Using a 4×5 analog camera, Laurent Kronental captures in an almost geometric way the former social houses, now inhabited mostly by old people who carry a story, as important as the buildings that house them.

The project “Souvenir d ‘un Futur” lasted four years and includes residential complexes mainly in the 19th district of Paris, from Les Espaces d’ Abraxas in Noisy le-Grand to Les Damiers in Courbevoie and from Cité Spinoza in Ivry -sur-Seine to Cité Pablo Picasso in Nanterre.

No wonder that these buildings have been included in films like “Brazil” and most recently in “The Hunger Games”.