Nude Editorial Shows The Diversity Of the Human Body!

nude editorial now toronto magazine

Athletes, activists and performers from Toronto took part in “Now Toronto’s” nude editorial in order to prove what their body means to them. All these people showed us the real beauty of the human body through the diversity of every single type of body and the results are amazingly positive.

“Love your body” is the important message that “Now Toronto” magazine wants to send with this second annual issue dedicated to the beauty of the human body, presenting nude photographs of everyday people. These photographs present every single and unique type of human body and the real stories of those who took part in the project help us to deepen in the real meaning instead of being shocked by their nakedness. Most of them were quite nervous during the photoshoot -and that’s really under understandable- but finally the result was that being shot nude gives you an amazingly liberating experience.

Biko Beauttah, a refugee from Kenya and trans activist who took part in this beautiful project talked about her unique experience and also admitted that it helped her a lot to appreciate and  love her body. “Finally one day I looked in the mirror and saw myself as myself: a woman. To my surprise, the body I hated met the idealized standards of Western feminine beauty. Let’s just say that I have weighed the same since my late teens and love my body; it’s my temple. It’s amazing the positive impact that going through life as your authentic self can have – not only on yourself, but on others around you”, she said.