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[‘Timeless’, launched in 2015  by CTRLZAK Studio for Secondome gallery, is now interpreted by artist and photographer Luciano Paselli]

Sand clocks were among the first instruments that man devised to visually perceive and measure time. Timeless by CTRLZAK Studio uses the properties of traditional materials -glass and metal- in reviewing this nearly forgotten object. Time is revealed to the observer not only through perpetual movement but also through the properties of the materials themselves that contain its visualization.

Luciano Paselli, sharing the same philosophy with CTRLZAK Studio, namely seeing objects as symbols and telling stories through them, was spontaneously attracted by ‘Timeless’ and thus a new concept was born. Paselli’s still life photos feature a graphic narrative, conceptually inspired by Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’, referencing to time’s perception through different eras. Inspired by ‘Timeless’, he wanted to evolve time’s crystallization through its fluidity. Being a collector of peculiar paraphernalia from the past, Paselli used on this project his own personal collection of renaissance statuette replicas. As he puts it “The collector creates his own story through his own collection. It’s his own way to define himself in the world and be detached from the mass”. In this way, Paselli puts in evidence humanity’s meaning over memory as he likes to say.

by Nadia Vlasopoulou

Timeless_CTRLZAK_ph_Paselli1 (1)