Out of Order Watches


[Damaged in Italy]

Sometimes, when we buy a new product, we want to deconstruct it and “smash” its shiny surface, in order to make it meet our needs. If you are a fan of such a procedure, you’ll love the Out of Order watch collection. The idea was conceived in Italy, after an all-night fun session and a heavy hangover. These watches are made to seem already worn; and they’ re the first watches made this way ever! The philosophy is that something can be new and look old without compromising the quality.


The Out of Order watches stand out because they’ve been carefully “damaged in Italy” by specialized professionals, in a way that it seems that the “flaws” are not in fact an accident but have been caused by time. Every piece is unique and its worn-out feeling oozes style and charm, making it a seamless part of its owner’s personality. The more worn-out they are, the cooler they seem. Collections with quartz and automatic mechanisms, as well as pocket watches, “Out of Order” are destined for men and women who are 100% aware of their personal style and not at all afraid to mess with their image.


K. Ace / Official Distributor for Greece & Cyprus / +302103220066

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