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Squiggles + zig zags


[Memphis is everywere]

Everywhere you look, there it is: Memphis. Not the city, but the Milanese design collective that flourished in the 1980s, responsible for the busy geometric patterns and bold color pairings associated with the era. Now, this resurgent movement is cropping up around every corner, from ceramics and paper goods to dresses and sandals. Playful primary and pastel color pairings, squiggles and zigzags, an appropriation of ’50s kitsch but with a new wash of California lightness are inviting us to insert them in our daily life.

Have a look
By Nadia Vlasopoulou

Tha Macarons Postmodern by Davide Aquini Monologue London - Write Sketch & - Stationery Collection Shape studs by Squiggle Group Riviera cuff by Dream Collective Patti sandal by Sophia Webster George Nathalie teapot by Maria Jeglinska Eestique otd accesory organizer by Umbra Botten Yellow Candlestick by Lisa Holmberg