Ian Stratis


[The next music rebel]

His voice is the first thing he thinks every morning.  He prepares a tea with honey and gets ready for the day ahead. Yes, he’s anxious about his voice. After all, he’s based on it, in order to be not just Ian, winner of the TV talent show, but the 24 year-old Ian, who feels less “normal” than “normal people.

So. back to his voice and all those he feels anxious about. “How do you overcome anxiety” we ask him. “Through sex, working-out and music” he replies. Yes. Music is very important to Ian. So important, he thinks the world could change through it. “Musically, I’m a split personality. I’m torn between post hardcore and Japanese post, i.e. guitars and no singing. It makes me zen”, he says, not realizing that we are not following. Ian doesn’t look like the guy we used to watch on TV. Maybe that’s why whenever we use words such as “TV products” and “idols” he answers using expressions like “fake” and “I totally disagree”. He speaks passionately about his band, Madstreet. They all love metal music. Currently, they are preparing their first album, with pinches of metal and rock. They want to be acknowled  ged abroad as well. “Greece is quite restrictive. The majority of youngsters don’t listen to music for what it is; they listen to music to have fun” he says. “No, we’d never write Greek lyrics. We are not interested. However, I do know that this could probably make us more likeable”.

We change the subject and ask him about his body and his looks. He loves and likes to take care of his hair. Τhe reason behind this fashion shoot are the fine products of SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL that he’s so keen on. He’s not very much into clothes though. But he seems excited by some garments he tried on for the photo shoot. Moreover, he doesn’t like to go out so much anymore. If he had to propose us a place to go, that would be the bar Theory. He has worked there as a bar tender. “I’ve never crossed the line and I’ve never flirted with a fan. I don’t pursue it and I don’t like it”. We ask him where he would see himself in the next five years. “I want to fill the Olympic Stadium” he says without hesitating. And what would you like to scream to your audience? Rock n Roll as loud as possible.