The space has always fascinated mankind. Perhaps space’s inaccessible nature creates to man the need to access the wider universe. Or maybe the need for limits expansion and genre’s extension. Who knows; The only certainty is that without doubt, the human beings are attracted by the universe and its secrets. Of course tbis one includes the image. The space gives inspiration for a new visual language with a broad color palette. The color palette is either bright and vibrant, pink, purple, green and turquoise elements either black and dark blue for dramatic contrasts. The cosmic trend plays with darkness, the unknown, the mystery and and interacts at the same time with very shiny and bright colors. Iridescence and glitter effects are keywordshere. Galaxies, stars, nebulae and planets transformed in clothing and design, invite us to discover new ‘”spaces”.

By Nadia Vlasopoulou

Celestial Vase x John Derian for Asiter de Villatte(1) Celestial Vase x John Derian for Asiter de Villatte Cherry Small Black by Daniel·Emma Crystal Calm Keeper Print by Karina Eibatova Margiela Newton's Bucket Black by Silo Studio Prismania Chair by Elise Luttik Stardust Bangle Pink by Silo Studio