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Vintage American Ads Featuring Pop Icons


Τhe French artist David Redon, managed to merge pop culture icons onto vintage American advertisements and wartime propaganda posters. Τhe project’s title is “Αds Libitum” while the outcome is quite impressive and very realistic. So, one can enjoy his favorite –or not- singers, including Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Pharell Williams and Lana Del Rey to be artistically transported in a different era.
david-redon-ads-libitum-1-960x640 david-redon-ads-libitum-2-960x640 david-redon-ads-libitum-4-960x640 david-redon-ads-libitum-5-960x640 david-redon-ads-libitum-6-960x640 david-redon-ads-libitum-7-960x640 david-redon-ads-libitum-8-960x640