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Why is Liza Minnelli Selling All of Her Andy Warhol’s Paintings?


According to sources, Liza Minnelli is asking for $40 million for all of Andy Warhol’s work that she has in her possession. Plus, she is trying to keep this a well-guarded secret.

The friendship between Andy Warhol and the famous actress/singer is well known to everyone. The multitalented artist used to photograph her, to paint her, to interview her, to take her clubbing at the legendary Studio 54 together with Mick and Bianca Jagger. The corollary of this friendship are the 22 paintings that used to decorate Liza Minnelli’s apartment in the Imperial House on East 69th Street, including four portraits of herself, three of her mother, Judy Garland, and three of her father, Vincente Minnelli.

However, her apartment was sold last year for $8.37  and according New York Post, Liza Minnelli, faced with numerous health problems, from substance abuse to two hip surgeries, secretly tries to sell all of Andy Warhol’s pop art work for $40 million in total.

Nevertheless, her publicist, Scott Gorenstein, denied everything saying that “Liza is in fine health and she recently celebrated her 70th birthday with friends and family in Beverly Hills.”

Source: treyspeegle