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Zurich Special Report: Kinki Magazine – Magazines on Top

Τext: Dafni Anesti

Its cover has hosted pop figures, close ups of kisses with pierced lips, handsome boys and girls posing in unusual ways as well as juicy red lips. since 2008, when Kinki was first published in Switzerland, the German-speaking magazine has achieved a lot. Its motto: ‘state your options’.

In terms of aesthetics and thematology Kinki is dealing with music, fashion, art and generally all things odd and unusual. Behind the magazine there is a dynamic editorial team as well as talented photographers, writers and graphic designers that work with the maximum possible artistic freedom. It usually researches extreme socio-political matters , while its monochromatic pages highlight its design. Their aim, according to editor in charge Rainer Brenner, is: ‘to take a look behind the obvious, to express a comment for the world from a different perspective’.

Kinki came to fill in a gap in the world of magazines in Switzerland, at a time when most of the independent publications had already closed. As an independent publication, it responded to the challenge of creating a new language in terms of form and content. With diversity, good aesthetics, playful mood, curiosity and optimism the magazine aims at young, open-minded and creative people interested in contemporary culture and social issues. Despite the fact that the magazine is based in Zurich it goes beyond the city’s boundaries, it is part of Swiss’ reality. Distributed all over the country as well as in many locations in Germany, it insists on being a Swiss magazine with interests at an international level.

Besides its printed edition the magazine is available online and is based on the concept of one live creation that combines all available communication media: website, web community, blog as well as art events and parties. The network around Kinki -already established and constantly developing- is of an interesting and fascinating nature while the magazine’s final result and expression, reciprocates the needs and expectations of its public