Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola Team Up Once Again

αρχείο λήψης

Eleven years have passed since Lost in Translation and Bill Murray announced during an interview for the upcoming issue of  Variety
that he will join forces with Sofia Coppola once again, after their previous successful collaboration. This time the unpredictable actor will be singing some of the most popular Christmas carols, during a Christmas special.

“Ιt’s not going to be live. We’re going to do it like a little movie. It won’t have a format, but it’s going to have music. There will be prose. It will be nice”, while the director said: “Not sure when it will air, but my motivation is to hear him singing my song requests”.

The 64-year-old star of The Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters as well, has no second thoughts when it comes to singing and it can be easily understood, with just a research on youtube. Playing with Eric Clapton and his performance of Bob Dylan’s Shelter From the Storm for movie  St. Vincent, are just two of his top moments.