David Fincher Creates Four Videos for GAP’s “Dress Normal” Campaign


Fashion retailer GAP wants to reinterprete its image and David Fincher is appointed to do so, by directing 4 ad commercials for the brand. During the 46-second New York staged videos, men and women are taking part in a black and white pursue game, while quotes like “Dress like noone is watching” or “Simple clothes for you to complicate”, make a statement as the message of the larger campaign “Dress Normal” is stressed.

“We want these films to get people talking,” said Seth Farbman, GAP’s global chief marketing officer. “Each one features a confident woman at the center and tells a story of how liberating it is when you are being your most authentic self. We believe everyone who watches them will identify with one or more of the characters. We were thrilled to work with David Fincher, one of the greats of modern American cinema and a superb storyteller”.