Guns n’ Roses Feature Film is in the Works


According to what Marc Canter posted on Gun n’ Roses’ fan page forum, writer of the Reckless Road, a book for Guns n’ Roses and the making of iconic album “Appetite for Destruction”, he is making a feature film for the band. “In the end it’s just a cool story about 5 guys that got together in Los Angeles and put together great music and made it work” adding that he is working on this project only 4 months now.

While responding to fans’ questions, Canter reported that the script is not complete yet, but whatever is written so far, is very good. Once the script is finished, the band will be able to look at it and help fix things that are off a bit, because the goal is to get it right. The feature film will cast by A-list actors, who will be acting as the band members, but for the time being the author is focused on completing the script.

All these sound more as arumour, compared to the details given regarding the Ramones movie. Just in time for making our minds up, Canter reported that “when the director will be announced, you will release that something cool is going on”.

* Words by Kristel Liakou