Young and Trans : 3 real stories turn into documentary series


Over the past years, the trans figure has become familiar because of the appearance of many singers, actors and models. However this is a community, that faces racism, violence and pressure, a fact that worries many artists and they declare it. And while the trans revolution is over, the element that is missing is the youth and the details for their transition. So, it is about time to fill this gap with the a breakthrough in the UK television.

It is all about a new documentary series in Channel 4, called “Born in the wrong body”. The second of the three episodes is about the life of 3 trans men, Alfie, Eithan and Billy during their transition. It also features Jaime Raines , a 19 years old British trans who shared online a video of his transition.

It is remarkable that these young people are willing to show to the audience something so personal, sharing details even for the surgery. As they state themselves,  they did not have the right information – which they should have had about the transition and the whole process-, that is why they want to help other young people to understand the procedure through the series. This documentary project took two years to make, offering so many details, which were neglected so far.

Jamie’s story is shocking – he documented his transition by taking one picture every day for 3 years. So, a video is created and it is presented in the series. To have documented his with so many details, shows how proud he is of his achievement, how he has overcome any social obstacles may have occured. And this is exactly the purpose of the series Born in the wrong body, the young trans who are curious, who are just interested, to get inspired by young people who share their lives.