Album Review: Cloud Nothings-Cloud Nothings (Carpark Records)

Cloud Nothings album review

raw talent

Text: George Nikas |

The raw summer- sounds come in the heart of winter by a cloud from enigmatic young guy who’s obsessed with the revival of tape-culture and his friends. After several rehearsals with old instruments and a few bad recordings of various E.P’s supergeek Dylan decided to release his first album proving his coming of age and also how simple it is to write inspiring music. Because honest albums come mostly from the ‘guys next door’ ,right when you don’t expect it..when you don’t see it happen.. And those albums are the most influential because you see that you can actually do it too… ‘But he’s always locked in his room, he doesn’t have any friends..what kind of music is he listening to? It’s not normal..Why don’t you get it mom?’

Check ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ new music video by Cloud Nothings directed by Matthew Wells