Halcyon Selects: Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Norwegian space disco pioneer Todd Terje released earlier this year his new EP titled “It’s The Arps”, providing us once more with high level dance music. His excellent track “Inspector Norse” was selected as the lead single of his new work and the music video, that was released a few days ago, was directed by a personal favorite Norwegian director named Kristoffer Borgli (in case you have missed that, you should watch a wonderful video he made ,in collaboration with The Golden Filter, titled SYNDROMES, which was also part of the official short film competition of this year’s SXSW). This music video is actually an excerpt from his still unreleased short film “Whateverest”, which tells the story of “Inspector Norse”, the internet allias of Marius Solem Johansen, a young man of 27 years old who lives in a small city of Norway and loves to produce amateurish dance videos and drug recipes for YouTube.