Ozon Fashion Flash

In one of the most beautiful listed buildings of Athens on 8 Karitsi Street, Athens Parnassos Hall hosted a brand new event held by the OZON Raw creative team, namely Fashion Flash.

ozon fashion flash 1

On Monday, November 19th, our 300 guests packed the imposing concert hall of this historic three-storey building to watch a special Music & Fashion Show, where Digitaria and ΣΟΜΦ labels presented for the first time part of their summer collections.

At 20.30 the stage was ready and the jam-packed hall exuded a strong sense of thrilled impatience. Melatonini music band showed up onstage! The melodic voice of Eleni Nasiou accompanied by Maria Roka (bass) performed for the first time the atmospheric song ‘Mirrors’ establishing the first Fashion Flash. The show followed on by a midst choreographic performance, Digitaria label which presented part of its collection ‘S/S EUPHORIA’. Placing emphasis on converting intimate emotions, like melancholic passion, into hearty lyricism, the audience got carried away to a misty place, where reality and non-reality co-existed.

ozon fashion flash 2

Right afterwards, it was time to pass the torch to the next music band, Τhe Rattler Proxy, who with their strong sounds and noisy music gave the signal for the appearance of the second label, ΣΟΜΦ. The guests enjoyed a unique preview of ‘Ariadne’s Thread’ collection. The models were transformed onstage into modern Ariadnes wearing tops and printed leggings, which were considered to be narrative representations -a tribute to Greek ceramic art- as well as unique laser-cut pieces giving an illusion upon the clothes of delicate lace, leaving the audience breathless.

Two different stories and two disparate feelings excited the guests during both special performances of the first Fashion Flash. The events went on at the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor, where the guests were given the opportunity to take photos of the creations. Fashion Flash ended in the best possible way with an Absolut Party. The experienced bartenders from Absolut Vodka offered two unique cocktails under an ambient soundtrack created by Panos Lilis.

Text Vicky Florou / Photography Christos Tzimas