The Interpretation of the Greek Goddess Athena Through the Work of 50 Artists


How do 50 Greek and foreign artists interpret the Ancient Goddess, Athena? Klaus Jürgen Schmidt tries to give an answer on May 5th with the projection of “In Athena”, which will take place in the Garden for the Union of Greek Archaeologists.

The curator of the project “In Athena”, Klaus Jürgen Schmidt, left London for good, in order to come and settle in Athens. He brought together 50 artists and communicators from around the world and asked them to give their own version of the goddess of wisdom and war, when a few weeks before the referendum, on a night with a full moon, he wondered “Where the fuck is she, this all fair Athena?” For Klaus himself, she is a controversial figure, “a man disguised as a drag queen”, as he told Dazed. Even the contribution of Andreas Angelidakis is not a coincidence: an old photo of himself, dressed in drag, as he pees next to the street before aiming for an exemption from military service. “In Athena”, Zoe Mavroudi also participates, known for her documentary, Ruins, with the HIV-positive prostitutes of Athens and the scandal that had broken out in our country in 2012. The list with the artists includes Andre Walker, Max Allen, Kyriakos Spyrou, Amateurboyz, George Sapountzis, Martin Rose etc.

Klaus Jürgen Schmidt chose the format of the projection, to communicate his project, since he asks us to see the Goddess Athena, and Athens in general, as we have never imagined it before. The rest on May 5th, in the Garden for the Union of Greek Archaeologists, Ermou 134, Athens, at 8 pm.