The War Veterans, As Never Seen Before!


Michael Stokes has photographed war veterans, who have lost their limbs, in a way that they gain back the confidence they deserve. Through the elegy of the mutilated male body, he teaches us all valuable life lessons.

How sexy can a male body be with or without prosthetics? The truth is that Michael Stokes went through hell, in order to deliver his book “Always Royal”, full of pictures of wounded veterans who do not hesitate to be photographed confident, despite the obvious signs of war on their bodies. Facebook blocked the photos he uploaded, in order to promote his work. Some remarkable help for his book came from Kickstarter, which managed to raise $ 400,000 through its campaign!

Michael Stokes went through hell to be able to have his book published. But it cannot be compared to the hell these veterans went through, performing their duty: defending their homeland during the most unfair conflict humanity has ever known.