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Inside Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s New York Apartment!

kate moss johnny depp photo

So what if they broke up back in 1998? They will always have a place in our hearts ass one of the most beautiful couples ever!

Some would love to watch them get back together, but after all these years, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss have seen their lives take a completely different turn. Depp is now married to actress Amber Heard –have you seen this video of them “apologizing” to Australia?’-, is father of two with Vanessa Paradis, while Kate Moss is healing her wounds after a divorce with The Kills’ Jamie Hince and watches her daughter Lila Grace, grow up and look very mch like her!

For the rest of us, the 90’s will always be all we have, when the two of them had their reigning period -not that things have changed much these days. They will always be a couple-symbol of that era. And if you have had enough of watchin their 90’s photos, take a look at therir Greenwich Village condo. Stone, wood and a wonderful backyard, while it consisted of two bedrooms and two bathrooms in a total of 1700 square feet.