Fashion Room Service Wins Fashion Event of the Year 2018

We are not accustomed to being spotlighted because we simply do not seek recognition. We enjoy every moment of what we do and the reward comes from our wider audience, our partners and our friends. This time, however, we decided to claim a prize, not for us, but for you all.

The Fashion Room Service was created in 2011 in the midst of a negative period for the country. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in February when the Fashion Room Service concept came to fruition in the welcoming hotel of Semiramis in Kefalari. The success of the first event, which was held with 12 designers and sponsored by ABSOLUT, was only the beginning of an exciting journey hosted in equally fantastic hotels such as Saint George Lycabettus, Y Hotel, Fresh Hotel, Grecotel Pallas Athena, City Circus, Hilton Athens and Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya. Fashion Room Service also traveled to Thessaloniki in co-ordination with OFFRADIO, with hosts Excelsior, Porto Palace and more recently Colors Urban Hotel. Over the past 9 years nearly 20 events have facilitated the talent, dreams and creativity of over 300 fashion designers, fashion brands and artists. Thank you to our permanent and ever-supportive sponsor, ABSOLUT, who for eight years has been creating the ideal mood for the biggest fashion party in Athens and Thessaloniki.

A few days ago Fashion Room Service was awarded the with a SILVER AWARD in the Fashion Event category (there was no Gold Winner) at the Event Awards 2018. It is a prize that rightfully belongs to all those who participated, collaborated, supported and visited the event. This prize belongs to all of you.

Fashion Room Service returns again on October 31st at Colors Urban Hotel in Thessaloniki in collaboration with OFFRADIO and on December 20th in a glorious Christmas Edition at Hilton Athens, in company with ABSOLUT at both.

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The Event Awards 2018 is an event by Boussias Communications

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