Inside the House of Florence Welch


Florence Welch, the singer of Florence and the Machine, have always stood out for her unique style. Natural as it may be, this specificity is also found in her residence. Nowness joined forces with Apartamento Magazine and created a video for the first house of Florence Welch.

Rooted in London, the singer moved just 10 minutes from her Mom’s house and says that she tried to reimagine a “mature” version of her childhood bedroom and a cabinet of curiosities. Changing and renewing certain details, her mother’s paintings hang next to a pair of leather lungs made for her debut album cover while the piles of books which are on the floor keep growing.

“Having lots of stuff and having lots of chaos around you is like a way to hide,” reflects Welch. I definitely need to be with my own thoughts and listen to music and read and write. It’s kind of how I make sense of the world.”