Album Review: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Hawk (Vanguard)

Isobel Campbell Mark Lanegan Hawk Album Cover
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You take the car, hit the highway and begin to accelerate till you reach 150, 160, 170… And just like that, out of magic, you’re out in Route 66 leading character in a road movie out of the 90s, surrounded by an endless dry landscape where only rocks and scorpions survive. Wrecked cars, ghost towns, dirty motels and you keep on accelerating. By your side sits Isobel Cambell and at the back, seen from the car mirror, you see Lanegan’s scary face, like Lucifer himself. When the two of them get together the result is nothing but wicked and this one is their third round. Cursed blues playing on your rotten radio. Enjoy the ride!