HBO’s Documentary on Kurt Cobain’s Life to Be released in 2015

Some time ago, “Montage of Heck”, an un-released mixtape by Kurt Cobain from 1986, was uploaded on vimeo. It is a mix of music by The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Simon and Garfunkel, Jackson Five, Monkees –there is also an extract of Manos Hadjidakis’ “Children of Piraeus”- with sounds of water, birds and according to Cobain’s partner by then, Tracy Marander “He made it using records, some TV, and random sounds he recorded. It was all made in Aberdeen, I believe. It took him quite a while”.

After this mixtape is also named the documentary on the life of Nirvana’s late frontman and it is “fully authorized” by his family. Its creator, Brett Morgen, has been working on this project for more than 8 years and during his research, he came across more than 200 houra of unreleased music and audio, multiple art projects (oil paintings, sculptures), home movies and more than 4000 pages of writings that “help paint an intimate portrait of an artist who rarely revealed himself to the media”.

At first, the documentary, created for HBO, was set to be completed by 2014, but its release date has been moved for 2015, while it will be also released worldwide. Finally, Cobain’s daughter, Francis Bean, will be one of the procuders.

Kurt Cobain’s “Montage Of Heck” from SpaceEcho on Vimeo.