Listen to Rihanna’s New Album!

rihanna anti release

Rihanna has been giving us hints for several months. So, it was Wednesday, which was full of her.

The release of her new track with Drake, false posts by Tindal and multiple rumours ended up in the release of her new album named Anti. Kanye West is the executive producer of it. Thirteen new tracks, among which a cover of Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes, and collaboration with The Weeknd, Timbaland, Travis Scott. The artwork is by Israeli artist Roy Nachum. 

The much loved Bitch Better Have My Money is not in the tracklist, even though expected. But it is will be in the deluxe edition, that is scheduled to be released later.

So this is the new Rihanna album. Unfortunately, you can only find it on TidalHopefully, though, it will be soon available elsewhere, as well. How do you like it?

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