Miley Cyrus by Quentin Jones

Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked celebrities. Her transition from Disney girl to an overly sexual creature that everyone judge, make her a person “everyone loves to hate”.

A video by mixed media artist Quentin Jones is a significant part of her Bangerz tour. In this black and white video, the American singer presents the outrageous caricature-like persona she has created, in a different way, in agreement with what she is accused of by her judges. Renowned sex symbols, such as the fishnets, the bunny collar, turn her cartoonish vibe into a parody/kind of pornography. Cyrus poses and plays. With her poses -even her infamous tongue-, with herself. She is still a child, that loves being provocative. And feels much more comfortable, when she is not wearing any clothes.

Source: nowness