Noises: Minimal Wave

Text: Vangelis Kamarakis | Link:

Ιf there is such a thing as a current trend in contemporary electronic/dance music in the recent months, this could only be the return to more obscure ’80s synth pop forms. Its spread can, without a doubt, be traced to the release of ‘Minimal Wave Tapes vol. 1’ collection by the almost co-called label owned by the Uruguayan-Czech descent and New York born, Veronica Vasicka.

Nobody could claim that the beautiful photographer, dj and musician is new in the field. The company’s first releases date back in 2005 when Veronica decided to launch a label dedicated in releasing or re-releasing music representing the hardest and most daring aspects amongst dominant electronic musical trends of the early ’80s. The label’s artists, possibly led by Oppenheimer Analysis, Linear Movement and Los Iniciados, cover the whole music spectrum from New Wave to Italo Electro and Proto-house in their darkest version. A common feature is their emphasis and persistence on the historic analogue synth of that era together with DIY productions. The greatest achievement -and compliment- is that the musical genre, if one can call it so, was identified with the label to the point that it borrowed its name. Never mind that the music existed having been released by others or even remained unreleased for thirty or so years; since 2005 onwards this sound is called Minimal Wave, an esteemed honour credited to Veronica Vasicka. Regardless of the fact that Veronica run her spiritual child for five consecutive years gaining street credibility for her label as well as appearing as a New York club dj, the big bang happened just a few months ago. Stone Throw records, a great and open-minded primarily hip-hop label, got involved with the distribution of ‘Minimal Wave Tapes vol. 1’ collection, a fact which made the indie press to consider Minimal Wave both as a label as well as an individual genre. Her records have now become soundtrack to many cool parties, fashion shows and heterogenous events while Vasicka has begun spreading her dj wings on the other side of the Atlantic. Time will only tell how far this new trend will last but it looks like Veronica and Minimal Wave are here to stay.