Noises – Sound Walks: Keytars and Violins

Text: Vaggelis Kamarakis

If there is such a thing as a music blog where the aesthetic taste rivals the owner’s music choice, then this definitely is ‘Keytars and Violins’. For more than three and a half years, the blog gives away music for free, while Leighton Jones, the owner, says that the thing that characterises his blog is just ‘its bad name’. However he adds that ‘the music and art makes up for it’ and this is true with music choices blending from dark but quality old school and nu disco together with some excellent techn house and a bit of new wave. Common point for both looks and music is a tendency towards modernism and minimalism. As it appears, Leighton’s labours are finally paying off as his dj set is sought after while other music sites and press are asking for his contribution. It’s never too late.